Native MacOSX VST version is out!

Following the natural course, here is the MacOSX version. Enjoy!

8 Responses to “Native MacOSX VST version is out!”

  1. Tezzer Says:

    version: 1.3.2 (2015-10-12) still crashes 32 bit Sonar Platinum on closing the GUI on windows

  2. Jalex Says:


  3. opro Says:


  4. Pascal Says:

    Thank you very much for programming this good synth and offering it for free.

    It have been posted in a site you may want to visit so you can see users reactions, it’s here:

    Thanks again
    Have a nice day

  5. Rob Says:

    Thanks for working on a Mac version.

    The VST should be a package but is currently a folder.

    Feature request: AU version.

  6. Thatcher Ulrich Says:

    Hm, I need the 32-bit VST 🙁

    I’ll take a very quick look at the code; maybe that’s easy to do?

  7. oxesoft Says:

    I think so. Take a look at the previous comment.

  8. woodster Says:

    would be nice to get a 32bit mac version
    compatible with 10.6.8 would be fantastic

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