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New site

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

In the last 3 years, due to a life dedicated to work and family, I get to work in Oxe FM Synth in rare moments, without any releases. I would really like to had done more, but…
Oxe FM Synth is not completly frozen. To help to show it, I’ve decided to change the site. Now I’m using a blog system to manage the site content, as well to offer RSS and a easy way to write something when I have will. Before, while using a static site, it wasn’t possible before doing some web coding and uploading by FTP at home.
But… why now? Simple answer: vacation on Petrolina city (Pernambuco, Brazil). I’ve get to work hard on my personal projects in my last holidays on Petrolina, 3 years before ;-). My two last vacations before the current were inappropriate to work. Sucks…
Now that the site is done, I’ll try to work on the main product.